Mongoose IoT Platform 1.1 Release

Sergey Lyubka, Jul 27, 2016 04:07 PM

Hot on the heels of our 1.0 release come newly implemented improvements and suggestions from our users. We are proud to announce Mongoose IoT Platform 1.1 with the following new features:

TI CC3200

We have completed the support for the popular MCU TI CC3200 for both C and JavaScript. Mongoose IoT Platform is also a trusted Texas Instruments partner.


We heard your need for speed when it comes to Over-The-Air updates. With this release we’ve sped up the feature and it now takes about 10 seconds to fully update the new firmware.

Example Project

If you are eager to run an IoT enabled project but have no actual project in mind, you can follow our example project. This is based on a smart light; you’ll recognise it as a standard “blink” example. Also, if you don’t have an MCU to hand, work with our virtual device to make this project work.


We are aiming to make Mongoose IoT Platform as simple to understand as possible. We’ve changed the descriptions on buttons, added a tour, new help section, live chat and feedback functionality. Why not tell us what you think via feedback? Your suggestions help us shape the platform into what developers really want.

Check out this tutorial to achieve remote device control

Future Plans

The IoT never sleeps and neither do we. Here a brief look into our product roadmap for the next releases:

  • Support for the STM32 family of microcontrollers
  • Support for nRF52 (this will be the very first JavaScript environment on this Bluetooth Low Energy chip)
  • Support for ESP32
  • Increase OTA performance even further.

You can check out Mongoose IoT Platform (remember, with the example project and virtual device you can get started straight away) and test today:

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