Mongoose Embedded Web Server 6.5 Release

Deomid Ryabkov, Jul 12, 2016 04:17 PM

Mongoose Embedded Web Server is back with this quarter’s release: 6.5.

As always, we have taken your suggestions and feedback to improve Mongoose on board and hope you like the new functions:

Mongoose 6.5 - New Functionality

Mongoose Embedded Web Server LogoImproved TI CC3200 support

First on the list of functions is the improved support of TI CC3200. Cesanta is official partner of Texas Instruments and it was important to us to ensure we have strong support for this popular MCU. Here’s what’s changed:

    • Newly-rewritten SimpleLink socket handler
    • Added support for SSL
    • NWP restart hook: sl_restart_cb should be invoked by the user to re-init listeners after NWP restart

JSON serialisation/deserialisation moves to back to a dedicated library

Support for JSON moves back to the dedicated library Frozen (check it out on GitHub). With this move, JSON functionality has greatly improved:

    • printf/scanf like API has been implemented, making parsing and emitting JSON easy and convenient, optimised for use in C/C++ environments.
    • Dedicated library Frozen and no longer available on Mongoose  

Bug Fixes

As always, we appreciate your feedback on any bugs and got to work on those:

  • CGI: REMOTE_ADDR and SERVER_PORT variables are now passed to the scripts
  • Fixed a memory leak in mg_connect_ws_opt
  • Fixed issues with HTTP keep-alive connections

Download Mongoose 6.5

Any questions or feedback? Head over to our dedicated Mongoose Forum.

Commercial Customers with Software Maintenance: If you are using Mongoose commercially and have software maintenance included in your license, simply download 6.5 and apply to your integration.

Commercial Customers without Software Maintenance: If you are a commercial license holder and do not have software maintenance included, contact us to upgrade your license to facilitate the commercial use of Mongoose 6.5.